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We cherish tradition

On the picturesque Voorhaven-canal in Edam, behind a row of historical fa├žades, lie the warehouses of Gestam Cheese Export. A modern company with a long tradition, which has stored, packed and exported cheese since 1916. We intentionally keep the location on the Voorhaven: this still is the main cheese port of Edam. With six more warehouses elsewhere in the city our total storage capacity amounts to 500 tons, and the next expansion is on its way.

New warehouse

Since July 2002, we moved into a new warehouse. This new location is built according to the latest standards of modern cheese storage and packing. Our capacity of storing young cheeses has increased to over 300 tons and logistics has improved considerably.

Quality care

As cheese ripens, it loses moisture and the taste becomes more pronounced. Therefore Gestam carefully stores its cheeses to let them ‘mature’, and they are turned regularly. Every week an inspector takes samples to monitor age and quality. To enhance the keeping qualities, most of the cheeses for export are covered in a layer of wax or plasticized. Interestingly, the characteristic red colour of Edam cheese is said to have originated from the wine-barrels in which it used to be transported to France.

Our philosophy

The Gestam assortment includes all Dutch cheese types in all maturity stages. Our specialities are well appreciated all around the world: some of our clients have been doing business with us for decades.

We hold the philosophy that our clients are best served with a large assortment of good and constant quality. We have a fast delivery service and we are one of few exporters who will also take care of small deliveries.